The Empty Nest

When your adult children fly the nest the emotion that a parent will feel is grief, you grieve for the loss of a way of life, you grieve for the adults you still see as children, most likely in your eyes not prepared at all for the big outside world. These little people we haveContinue reading “The Empty Nest”

Anxiety: The Menopausal Fraud

Around 70% of women in menopause will experience mental health issues including anxiety and depression, but as you begin your menopause journey it’s not something that is top of the symptom check list, it creeps up on you so slowly, a thief stealing your confidence and by the time you realise your confidence has leftContinue reading “Anxiety: The Menopausal Fraud”

When Women Get Together Ego Is Left At The Door

What do you call a group of strong, amazing and determined women? I’m not exactly sure there is a collective noun suitable for the force of Mother Nature that this group of extra-ordinary can be defined. But the true show of women’s strength comes not from women coming together to make something happen, it’s whenContinue reading “When Women Get Together Ego Is Left At The Door”

The Price of Woman

What is the cost of a woman? How can you add up all the lost hours, days, nights, weeks and years of emotional guilt, grief, pain and putting yourself at the bottom of the list? Let’s start with the monetary value of woman, did you know one in ten teenage girls have been unable toContinue reading “The Price of Woman”

Are we still 9to5?

Over the last few nights we have had a mini Queen Dolly fest, we immersed ourselves in films starring Dolly Parton, starting with The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and ending with 9 to 5. Of course there’s the sublime Steel Magnolias which is one of my all time favourites and makes me cry everyContinue reading “Are we still 9to5?”

Let your Clothes Fit Your Body

I’m going to add a disclaimer to this before I start typing…..this is most definitely not a blog about dieting or exercise. It is about acceptance and self love and why retailers need to get their sizes standardised and not suggest we ‘size up’! Clothes should make you feel comfortable, sexy, warm, cool, not theContinue reading “Let your Clothes Fit Your Body”

Blame it on Me

Blaming someone else. How many times have you done this? How many times have you considered the consequences? How can we change our approach to blame? So many questions to open this post! But I have been thinking about personal blame and have been considering my actions and reactions to it and I am holdingContinue reading “Blame it on Me”

The Weight We Carry

When I talk about weight I don’t mean the extra pounds we carry around on our bodies, the pounds we should accept as part of the woman we are, that have been added to our bodies by food choices, hormones or disease, and if we are unaccepting of them and they are causing health issuesContinue reading “The Weight We Carry”